We are leading manufacturer of DC Drives, DC Rectifier, Electronic Application Panel, PMDC Motor, Welding Machine Control PCB in Ghaziabad

"Fricon Systems" Our company is believed to be amongst the best manufacturer and supplier of DC Drives, Medical Applications, DC Rectifier, Electronic Application Panel, Rectifier Panel, OT Panel Control PCB, Medical Pipeline Alarm PCB, Manifold Control PCB, Welding Machine Controller PCB, PMDC Motor, Welding Machine Control PCB, BLDC Motor in Ghaziabad. Our company is located in Faridabad, Haryana, India from where we operate our business. Our products are greatly demanded in the markets for their durability and performance. We are popular for providing solutions scientific, industrial and medical domain. Our Research and Development team enable us to produce an exceptional range whose quality is at par with international standards.

DC Drives in Ghaziabad

Fricon Systems is efficient, reliable, cost-effective, operator-friendly & relatively easy to implement. DC drives offer many advantages over AC drives, especially for high-power and renewable applications. DC drives have been widely used in industrial drive applications to provide very precise control.

Electronic Application Panel in Ghaziabad

An Electronic Application Panel (EAP) typically refers to an online system or platform used for submitting and processing electronic applications.

PMDC Motor in Ghaziabad

PMDC motors are considered synchronous motors because the magnets inside the motor are capable of reaching speeds equal to the excitation current.

Welding Machine Control PCB in Ghaziabad

A Welding Machine Control PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is an electronic board that controls and manages the various functions of a welding machine. The PCB is the brain of the welding machine, which controls the different parameters such as current, voltage, and time required for welding.

Manifold Control PCB in Ghaziabad

A Manifold Control PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is an electronic board that controls and regulates the functions of a manifold system. Manifold systems are used in various applications, such as in heating, ventilation, and hydraulic systems.

OT Panel Control PCB in Ghaziabad

The OT panel control PCB typically contains a microcontroller or microprocessor, which is programmed to control the various functions of the OT panel. The PCB may also contain other components, such as sensors, switches, and relays, which help to monitor and control the power distribution process.

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