Speed Controller 96*96

Speed Controller 96*96

Fricon Systems is a Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Speed Controller in India.
Speed Controller is a  device to control the speed of the motor by directly changing the frequency or the amplitude. It is a microprocessor-based system device.
The simplest case is a  switch to connect a motor to a power source, such as in small appliances or power tools. We are engaged in offering an excellent grade Box plated One HP Drive, which finds its applications in electrical and mechanical devices. Offered drive is mainly used for controlling speed of DC motors. DC motor is directly proportional to armature voltage and inversely proportional to motor flux, this drive can control speed by controlling armature voltage & fix field voltage. By using the Speed Controller system there are hardly any heat losses and the speed control provides numerous programs that allow you to operate the machines.
Speed Controller is used in wide range of appliances, beginning with household electrical appliances, garden and garage, and ending with large industrial plants with conveyor belts, pumps and machine tools.

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